In PHOTOS+VIDEOS: Pygmalion Festival 2015

pygmalion2015 poster

Rom and I went for a little road trip to Champaign, Illinois for The Pygmalion Festival. I was so stoked to see Purity Ring perform live! It was my early birthday gift. We were jumping to the awesome music of Run the Jewels by the time my birthday eve came around.

pygmalion2015 pygmalion2015

We figured most of the audience are still in college since alcohol restrictions was really enforced. And the venue was also nearby U of I. I had a good laugh though when the guy putting on my alcohol wrist band said, “wow, I cannot go smaller than this,” because of my ridiculously minuscule wrist!


Remember that article from Nylon about Grimes’s protege? I didn’t; until this amazing girl performed that familiar song that I read about in the article and listened to.


pygmalion 2015pygmalion 2015pygmalion 2015

Up next: I can’t believe my ears, Purity Ring live! I didn’t plan on recording anything because it feels such a sacred moment. But I can never do justice describing how awesome their performance was with just words. It was an INCREDIBLE production number that takes you out of this world. See for yourself:

Purity Ring

Their 2015 album, Another Eternity, is still out and you can get a copy here!

pygmalion 2015pygmalion 2015 pygmalion 2015

The moon looking backdrop was actually a gong that lights up when hit!

pygmalion 2015

Here’s an electrifying performance of my favorite song, Fineshrine.

pygmalion 2015 pygmalion 2015

T.R.U.T.H. + Klevah aka Mother Nature also gave one helluva performance. They gave out candies at the end of their set. (:

T.R.U.T.H. + Klevah

pygmalion 2015

And the finale, the moment everybody’s waiting for! Lie, cheat, steal, kill, win; everybody’s doin’ it! Get a copy of their badass album here.

Run The Jewels

pygmalion 2015


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