As Sung by Al Scorch: Storytelling in Melodies

Chicago, Illinois

Al Scorch 1127g

Imparting diverse stories about everyday peculiarities, Al Scorch is one poignant storyteller. He delivers his tales in catchy melodies that must be heard live. His onstage performance when I saw him at the Lincoln Hall for a show with Marrow was remarkably engaging, as he pauses for narratives that he wants to emphasize, for you to take it in.

Al Scorch 1127a

From his reflective thoughts about his hometown Chicago, to dead dinosaurs, to a father’s funeral, to a certain Miss Rosie, Al Scorch’s stories are immortalized by genuine vocals and a splendid mix of instrumentals, including his trusty five-string banjo.

Here’s my favorite track; a narrative about the pain, troubles, and struggles of getting by solitude.

You may purchase his tracks via Amazon, and you can see a couple of other tunes that caught my attention at the end of this post.

Al Scorch and his music are not just about soul + country. It digs deeper and takes you to another dimension, which is the reality that we all sometimes fail to see.

Al Scorch-Tired Ghostly Town

Click album art or here to purchase Tired Ghostly Town.

Al Scorch 1127dAl Scorch 1127e


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