Album Launch of Marrow with a Surprise Guest

An intimate night filled with talented musicians does not happen all the time, especially since I left my homeland Manila. Now that I’m in a foreign land, almost every band is new.

Marrow a

This happened last November 27 at the Lincoln Hall in Chicago, and Marrow’s launch for their new album: The Gold Standard, was probably just the 3rd underground gig that I saw since I arrived here last year (surprise!). They were a pleasant surprise to my ears.

marrow-the gold standard

Click album art or here to purchase Marrow’s The Gold Standard.

It is so refreshing to hear four young Chicagoans create wonderful music, perhaps taking some of us back to our younger years. Not to mention that another great musician, Al Scorch, put on a great performance prior them.

The night reached an entirely new super-awesome level when no less than Jeff Tweedy shared the stage with them and performed. I was just blown away! Here are some photos and a short video clip:

Marrow with Jeff TweedyMarrrow d Marrow cMarrow b

Listen to some of the tracks that charmed me the most, with its lush keyboard instrumentals, dreamy mix of male and female vocals, and the sublime-badass riffs and beats that underline all elements into a cohesive musical and lyrical genius.


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