IN PHOTOS: Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Hey-oh! This is my first Halloween away from my Espino cousins. 😦 It’s sad thinking it that way, since we always have this big party with kids in costumes and a bunch of parlor games for the entire family. But I also feel excited knowing that this is going to be a new experience.

I was looking forward to these things, and here are how they turned out last weekend:

  1. Pumpkin carving
    • I was stoked about designing my big-ass pumpkin but unfortunately, Rom was too busy to carve it out just in time for Halloween night. We needed to display it by the door so kids could see it for their trick-or-treat route.Halloween 2015Halloween 2015
    • But hey, at least there were candies.Halloween 2015
  2. Visiting Halloween stores
    • Our Halloween store visits was super exciting for me because I don’t get to see costumes in such wide variety from old school characters that will bring you instant nostalgia (think Power Rangers, Dr. Seuss, and Where’s Waldo?), to more recent trends such as Suicide Squad, Minios, and Game of Thrones.Halloween 2015
    • Hmm, always wondered if I could kill this Princess Leia outfit. Amazon sells the complete set, minus Jabba the Hutt of course. Lol.Halloween 2015Click image or here to buy your Princess Leia costume!
  3. Choosing an easy DIY costume
    • As much as I wanted to be Selena Kyle, I don’t have a leather jacket. And a lot of girls are usually in a black cat costume so I wanted to check out my option for something different, but easy to find in your own closet. Halloween 2015Or how about Catwoman from The Dark Knight? Get it here!
    • Joke’s on me, I found mine in Rommel’s closet! lol
  4. RomxYang costume for 2015
    • My love for Audrey Hepburn is another winner when it comes to dressing up in a costume. Her distinct, classic style is always recognizable. But like I said, I wanted something more unique, so instead of going for the usual Holly Golightly in her LBD, I picked the same Breakfast at Tiffany’s character, but from a different scene. (: Halloween 2015
    • Apparently, a lot of women here in the US already wore this costume for Halloween, but I don’t think this is as popular as any other leading lady-inspired costumes. DIY sleepy Holly Golightly costume Get started with her earrings and sleeping mask for sale here.
    • And Rommel went as no less than Holly’s ONE TRUE LOVE… not Paul, he went as Cat! ((: sleepy Holly Golightly costume with Cat sleepy Holly Golightly costume with Cat
  5. People in cool costumes, good food, and good beer!
    • I didn’t pick out a scary costume because 1) it’s not my thing, 2) never tried it, and 3) I am super lazy for things like fake blood, fake wounds, zombie face, corpse’s face… I can’t even do my own makeup. Halloween 2015
    • So it is an awesome thing to just sit in a bar, drinking good beer, and waiting for each person who would show up at the door and stare at their wonderful costumes. As much as I want to show you my favorites, I thought it might be rude if I take photos of strangers in a bar. Halloween 2015Halloween 2015

There you have it, my Halloween for the year 2015 in a foreign land. (:

Photos: Spirit Halloween, Princess Leia, Selina Kyle, Holly costume


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