GA x Idea Lemon: Creating a Career You Love

creating a career you love

Last Thursday, I attended a panel discussion facilitated by General Assembly (GA) Chicago about Creating a Career You Love. It is a fun, eye-opening, dynamic experience. The panel was made of people from diverse backgrounds, sharing different life experiences but similar idea of not settling in an unhappy career.

creating a career you love

The amazing panel of experts was made of:

Here are my key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Be yourself and be comfortable with your own opinions.
  • People buy products because they’re emotionally attached to it. Thus, people hire qualified applicants because they like them (an invitation for an interview already implies that you are qualified).
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Don’t wait. Create opportunities for yourself.
  • Thinking of work outside of work should not be a burden.
  • You become who you pretend to be.
  • On being prepared: YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BE READY.

creating a career you love

Bottomline is, there’s no better place than here and no better time than now (RATM?) . JUST DO IT! (Nike?) Lol.

To check out GA’s upcoming classes and events, click here. Enjoy and hope to see you in one of them!


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