The Family Guy Drinking Game!

We had no plans for Saturday night so Rommel and I decided to stay in and drink at home instead of going to a bar. We actually visited a nearby bar owned by my college friends but it was too crowded.

At first we were trying to devise a “Lego Drinking Game” but there were just the two of us and  it’ hard to come up with something that will require the participation of my favorite toy. ):


So we tried this popular Family Guy Drinking Game. We just realized that since we watch the show almost all day, every day, we might as well give it a shot – or a lot. HAHAHAHA! Get it? Shots? Shots? Okay, I am still hung over I sound stupid.


It was not so bad at all. The good thing about it is you’re having a SERIOUSLY GOOD LAUGH while taking turns with the shots. We ripped off some rules of the said game from a drinking game site.

We picked the following rules:

One Shot
Cut scene
Character consumes alcohol
Peter gets hurt
Peter says “Sweet”
Stewie says “Victory is mine”
Peter says “Holy crap”
Stewie says “What the Duece!”

Two Shots
Stewie tries to kill Lois
Stewie formulates a plan
Stewie does something feminine
Stewie has a weapon
Peter does “the laugh”
Peter gives Chris bad advice
Peter embarrasses Meg
Brian has a martini
Quagmire makes a sexual reference
Quahog News is shown

Three Shots
Lois’s parents show up

A little later on the game, we decided to lessen the shots because that game is crazy! We also decided to take out ONE RULE after each episode so the shots could at least slow down. We almost finished half a 700ml bottle of brandy in just 2 episodes!

After 4 episodes, we noticed that we keep on getting kicked out of the Family Guy channel so we switched to playing the… American Dad Drinking Game!


Apparently it exists, and we ripped off rules from a different site. Here are what we selected from that list:

One Shot
Roger changes costume Stan references the CIA
Francine acts like a stereotypical house wife (cooking, cleaning, etc)
Klaus speaks
Toshi speaks
Stan pulls out a gun
Steve acts with confidence
The principle is on screen
Roger drinks
An American flag can be seen other than the one on Stan’s lapel (unless you really want to get hammered)
Haley disagrees with Stan
Anytime Patrick Stewart is in the episode

Two Shots
Roger changes gender
Roger is drunk
Klaus speaks in German

It was a total knock out! Try it folks, very entertaining. But of course, drink responsibly. (;



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