2011 Wrap Up (:

I hate promises. So I just come up with a to-do-list every year. Non-mandatory. Accomplish as many and as close as I could:

1. January haircut – Was it? I’m not sure if I did this in January. First time to chop off my hair this short! WTG! ๐Ÿ˜€

2011 wrap up

2. Reunite with makeup – Tried it. But I just don’t like too much stuffย on my face and I can’t stare at the mirror that long. LOL. ((: High five for the effort please! (And allow these pretty flowers to make up for the failure, wee!)

2011 wrap up

3. XXk by April payroll – Sorry. I am such a disappointment. ): Butย I was still able to save up for my Singapore trip with mama. Good girl! (:

4. Upcycle clothes &ย sell them – The heck, I just donated them! There’s more joy in giving than receiving. ๐Ÿ˜€

5. Daily Texts (Bible) – inconsistent. )’:

6. 90-93 lbs. – Done. But… Was I kidding myself? I look like a waif.

2011 wrap up

7. Online store – Up! Active? NO. ):

8. June or October school – negative )’:

9. Volunteer – Was not able to actively participate. But I’m happy about how much privilege is out there to serve the people. My T.O.P. for 2012, coming up! ๐Ÿ˜€

2011 wrap up

10.ย Music class – Done. (:

11. Prose – Some. Done.

12. Travel – One of 2011’s best! Ola Sigapuraaaa!

Wander again with you soon Mama! Love you. (:

2011 wrap up

Gonna rock 2012. This year’s gonna be LEGENDARY once again! Have another year of peace and love folks. Cheers! (:


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