Family Halloween Party 2011

halloween 2011halloween 2011halloween 2011

Halloween has been the official annual gathering of our family (Espino). I still remember wearing a costume and having my cousin as the only bouncing little baby in the party. Now there’s no way I’m gonna “dress-up” along with the kids and that baby cousin of mine is on his way to high school. Time flies!

halloween2011halloween 2011

This year, I am happy to realize how much additional members in our family will be spending this party as their first. (: Cousins getting married, having kids, and other couples who are having more kids! I helped out the Halloween muse, my dear kuya Erwin, prepare for the party. We searched cool party games online and narrowed them down to three: bobbing for apples, make a mummy, some kind of a relay game, and feel me (a guessing game).

halloween 2011

We did a lot of tweaking with the games we found on the web. Bobbing for apples became bobbing for grapes, which is even harder! HAHAHA!

halloween 2011 halloween 2011

Winners for “Bobbing for Grapes” (:

Next game: Make a mummy quick! HAHAHA! This was pretty exciting.

halloween 2011 halloween 2011 halloween 2011 halloween 2011 halloween 2011

Haha! The tissue rolls weren’t enough to cover my brother! ((:

Here’s a complicated bubble gum relay that includes popping balloons, blowing a bubble gum, and putting powder on your face. I DON’T KNOW WHY HAHAHA!

halloween 2011 halloween 2011 halloween 2011 halloween 2011

Of course we still included the infamous doughnut-eating contest and added an adult category for more fun!

Kids category

The in-laws category

For the guessing game, kuya Erwin was the one who had the idea of a “feel me” instead of a “bring me” kind of game. We listed five things that could probably feel horrible touching without seeing them, counted the games for the prizes, and off we go to the supermarket to buy nice treats for the winners.

The winner was my cousin-in-law, Princess!halloween 2011314685_10150524022039676_577019675_11668153_59827588_n377510_10150524020994676_577019675_11668139_174529277_n

Of course we did not forget the winner for best in costume. (:

halloween 2011halloween 2011

We also did a little raffle for cash prizes! It was another spur-of-the-moment idea from my mama and tita Emily. They just wanted to have some fun picking the winners from a pumpkin basket. Pieces of paper were written down with the names of everyone who’s present in the party. Ma and Tita Emily drew the winners of cash prizes ranging from 20 to 100 bucks. It was pure, simple joy. We all have aching jaws from laughing hard. (:

The winners were: my cousins Paulo, kuya Evan, and my mom! ((:

halloween 2011

And we also had a (super) mini bonfire. (: We had loads of pork and chicken barbecue during the party. To top the night off, we had some toasted marshmallows. (;

halloween 2011halloween 2011 halloween 2011 halloween 2011 halloween 2011


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