Love and Mathematics.

I love LOVE Batman ever since I was introduced to the cartoon series and of course, my brother’s action figures when we were kids. And I hate HATE Math even if I was able to join about three (3) Mathematics Quiz Bees during my primary and secondary education. I can only be good at numbers on a certain level and point in time. I still can’t figure an easier way on how to put it, but there. I appreciate Math, but on a certain degree.


You see… I already forgot my college algebra the moment I stepped outside UP after graduation. I don’t do square roots anymore when I shop or pay bills. I guess it plainly annoys me whenever numbers get too complicated. I believe I just need the basics. *smirk*

And here’s a very quaint way for Batman and Mathematics to collide. I just came across a friend’s link to online posts that show not the art nor science of Batman, but the Batman Equation. Would you believe that the famous and iconic Batman logo actually has a mathematical formula? The proportions and shapes involved in creating the logo were derived from the following equation that I would never come to understand in my entire nose-bleeding-for-Math life:

( (x/7)^2 sqrt(abs(abs(x)-3)/(abs(x)-3)) + (y/3)^2 sqrt(abs(y+ 3/7 sqrt(33))/(y+ 3/7 sqrt(33))) - 1 ) 
( abs(x/2)-(3 sqrt(33)-7) x^2/112 -3 +sqrt(1-(abs((abs(x)-2))-1)^2)-y) 
(9 sqrt(abs((abs(x)-1)(abs(x)-.75))/((1-abs(x))(abs(x)-.75)))- 8 abs(x)-y) 
(3 abs(x) + .75 sqrt(abs((abs(x)-.75)(abs(x)-.5))/((.75-abs(x))(abs(x)-.5)))-y) 
(2.25 sqrt(abs((abs(x)-.5)(abs(x)-.5))/((.5-abs(x))(abs(x)-.5)))-y) 
(6 sqrt(10)/7 + (1.5-.5 abs(x)) sqrt(abs(abs(x)-1)/(abs(x)-1)) - 6 sqrt(10)/14 sqrt(4-(abs(x)-1)^2) -y) =0


If this has not been torture enough for Arithmophobics like moi, just take a look at this!

I wanted to validate this claim and try it myself. But I would have to go back to school and re-learn every darn thing! I just can’t understand why people consistently believe I’m a nerd when I actually turn cold-blooded whenever numbers and letters mix in one sentence and I had to come up with something that could fill in the blank space after that equal sign!

How can you ever compute so much letters that easily? Ignoramus elenchi creeping in.

But the freak in me was able to get hold of a much detailed article about the Batman equation. I don’t know how ShreevatsaR did it but he sure brought a large luggage when intelligence showered the Earth. He posted an unbelievably thorough dissection of the formula and came up with the following:

*I just included the photos since the words/instructions are by ShreevatsaR, and I will never be able to explain it. ((: So this is more of a graphic reference of the equation’s feasibility.


(All photos by ShreevatsaR from math.stackexchange.)


ellipse cut

second factor

second factor first term

second factor second term

Third factor without cut

fourth factor without cut

sixth factor without cut

sixth factor

Wholly Batman

Love both Batman AND Math? Go try! This is a great pastime, brain exercise, etc. only if I knew how to do it. ):

Have fun! (;



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