ART ENTRY: 2011 World Drawing Day Entries

I got pressed for time because aside from being a procrastinator at times, my work load is really squeezing the (social) life out of me! It was a really tough balancing act. I am just so thankful that Drawing Day Org has been really kind. As a matter of fact, they have been considerate enough to extend the submissions even after this year’s Drawing Day schedule (June 4-5).

With that, I was able to finish another entry – one that I have started AIMLESSLY drafting when I was drunk during my boss’ farewell dinner-party. I excused myself to take a nap at the couch. Unknowingly, I sat and went for my doodle book and pen, and started drawing – with my hands freely sliding from one side to another, my pen dancing with whatever thoughts I had that night. My colleagues woke me up when it’s time to go home. One of them told me I drew something, and I just laughed, wondering at the back of my mind what the heck did I draw.

The following day, I decided to hold on to that “draft of a face” and continued with it. I spent two afternoons in a coffee shop, doodling around the face, filling in details.

While I was just about halfway through revising my brandy-driven doodle, the guy sitting at the table right next to me kept looking at what I was doing. That’s when he dropped a lame excuse for a conversation that guys do. He asked me if I can watch over his laptop while he goes somewhere. And when he returned to say thanks, he asked me if I was an artist or something and tried to start a convo.


I finished my artwork on Sunday afternoon. That day, I decided to bring along my headset to shut my ears off of everything other than music. And here’s what I came up with:

Let’s rhyme

Here are my two (2) other contributions:



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