Things are not sinking in, they are choking me. There’s internal panting beneath my thoughts. The painful pieces consume me and I can’t wait until they slowly touch the sea floor and reward me with sanity.

October 2008


Strangers come and go – always challenging me with an immense distance. The vast spaces take up every bit of my wish. I can only say so much, as my heart and mind clasp together and face the outburst of realities.

And at the end of the day, the things that took drastic changes will concurrently go home to the very same place – the same proverbial state – the fateful return to looking at a single corner of an empty room. Embraced with the comfort that Someone’s up there, while devoting once again the melting time and running water from my eyes to a love lost, to another written chapter, to an ultimate chance that was missed.

So again, stranger, when’s your flight?


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