It amazes me. How my silence actually mirrors my heart. It speaks of its own sanity – as it mildly pumps life to this world breathing idly. As I exhale the silence that was already filtered from words inside me, the moist of the pain travels through the strange wind cruelly encircling me.

It amazes me. How the mere silence about reality can still kill my senses, pushing farther every reason to forgive, sweeping clean the strength and the will. It blinds me; while keeping me awake in the middle of this lunacy.

At the end of the day, what is left is the silence that still astounds me. It subtly consumes my entirety.

It is such a sweet state – being the astonishing silence that everyone breathes out once in a while to escape from words; to get away from rules, spellings, ambiguities, and forms.

Someday, I will be the silence that you will once in a while exhale. I will comprise the humid air that speaks of some lame fraction of your history. Someday. Someday, we could have wished to stay – and let the silences that we breathe glue the pieces of our grief. Someday, we will take pleasure of the simple hush that offers a resting place above the shaky, fainting words that talk about us. Someday. It shall all pass. Someday.


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